Wife-always-dresses-revealing-around-friends, i like when my wife wears daring outfits in public. for example, i like when she wears kind of transparent leggings and you can see the outline of her thong. i know girls hate other girls who do that, but it turns me on so much! i like my wife to be lusted at and looked at. iin???. My wife likes to wear revealing clothes. whenever my wife and i got out she wears the most revealing clothes she can find. if we go out to bars she gets so much attention from other men. it really bothers me but she says it makes her feel sexy knowing other men find her attractive., my first husband was happy when i wore skimpy clothing in public. it was always this way even when we were dating. but it really became a hot button for both of us when we were at his company summer picnic. we joined a softball game and while i wa....

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